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  • Wed

    The Thames through time

    8:00 pmLaindon Community Centre, Aston Road, Laindon, SS15 6NX

    An illustrated talk by Ian Mercer.
    Ian Mercer reveals the story of the Thames across Essex by digging into the landscape in and around the county.  The Thames has changed course dramatically and repeatedly throughout the past two million years.  We are in the middle of a long Ice Age, a sequence of many jumps in climate between warm and very cold.  The greatest impact of the Thames upon the landscape is during the times of cold, when spring thaws create huge torrents of water.  River bed gravels have been deposited while the land has been rising constantly throughout this time: 'staircases' of gravel terraces are seen in the landscape and beneath the temporary flood of the North Sea.  Ian shows evidence in the land and even in church walls.  The Thames will change again man times as climate continues to oscillate.

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