A Tribute to Langdon: A New Book on the Langdon Ridge

This autumn sees the publication by the Basildon Natural History Society of former BNHS Chairman Rodney Cole’s book A Tribute to Langdon.

The book celebrates the overall richness in biodiversity, setting it into recent historical context, as observed by someone who lived on the ridge for much of his life and enjoyed the companionship and insights that came from long involvement with the Basildon Natural History Society.

The cover of the book

Excellent photographs taken by several skilled observers complement a narrative rich in personal anecdote and recognition of the discoveries made by others, meanwhile applauding the huge contribution made by those who volunteer their efforts and expertise to maintain so beautiful and diverse an inheritance.

Intensifying pressures upon the Langdon Ridge make the timing of this publication significant.  In future it will be harder for planners and developers to ignore the regional importance of this lovely area, and that is one of the book’s intentions. It complements the recent designation of the Langdon Ridge SSSI.

A Tribute to Langdon can be ordered from the BNHS. (200 pages, ISBN 978-1-5272-9859-0)

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