Bluebell Walk

Glenn organised our yearly bluebell walk in Coombe Wood and The Park on Sunday 28th April 2024 beginning at 10am. It rained heavily the day before and on the morning things were not looking good as it was still overcast and drizzling. Nonetheless six members of the BNHS did decide to brave the weather and carry on.



The members were Alison + her dog, Graham, Jean, Colin, me (Bill) and Glenn. As it turned out the rain stopped (mostly) and we spent the next three hours having a thoroughly good walk amongst the bluebells and spotting all sorts of birds and wild flowers. It was also interesting to see where the glacial moraine had deposited sand and gravel showing as a distinct layer in amongst the clay deposits and how this was reflected in the changing plants suited to the various soils.



This was particularly relevant to an upcoming indoor talk at the Society on Wednesday 12th June which is titled “Geology Of Essex” which hopefully will explain this phenomenon further. Finally at the end of our walk Graham had kept a tally of the various birds seen or heard and this is the amazing variety he recorded:


BNHS Meeting 28 April 2024 Coombe Wood/The Park – Bird List:

Pheasant – 1,  Stock Dove – 9 singing,  Woodpigeon – 1 singing,  Great Spotted Woodpecker – 2,  Green Woodpecker – 2,  Ring-necked Parakeet – 4 (one entering a nest hole),  Jackdaw – 3,  Carrion Crow – 2,  Blue Tit – 1,  Great Tit – 2 singing,  Long-tailed Tit – 1,  Willow Warbler – 1 singing,  Chiffchaff – 9 singing,  Blackcap – 11 singing,  Goldcrest – 1 singing,  Wren – 14 singing,  Nuthatch – 1,  Starling – 1 singing,  Blackbird – 3 singing,  Song Thrush – 1 singing,  Mistle Thrush – 1 singing,  Robin – 6 singing,  Dunnock – 1 singing.

A great list to end a very enjoyable walk taken by slightly damp enthusiasts.

Article  by Bill Brand

This will also be posted in our Spring Bulletin












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